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The last few posts have focused on feasts as they are happening, with no attention paid to how the feast came to be. That changes tonight, with a visit to the Great Kitchen of Stirling Castle. After an extensive refurbishment project, the castle reopened in 2011. My family and I visited it more times than I can count when I was a child, so it was the perfect place in which to celebrate Mum’s birthday after the reopening.

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A portable shrine in the form of a tabernacle – a painted wooden box, (alabaster, polychrome, gilt, wire, Nottingham, 15th Century – Burrell Collection, Glasgow Museums, accession number 1.34)

I came up with the idea of building my own virtual museum two weeks ago today. The actual museum opening has had to wait until today because I was mightily conferencing last week. You can find out more about my intentions behind and aims for the Mid-Week Museum from its inaugural post. (more…)

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Edinburgh Castle (Image via Historic Scotland)

It’s Dad’s birthday today, and in his honour we’ve spent the day in his old university stomping ground of Edinburgh, mostly in the castle grounds (thank you, Historic Scotland membership). Also in his honour, Medieval Monday gets a bonus post in the form of a gallery of Dads in Medieval Art. This has proven slightly more challenging than searching for portraits of mothers in Victorian art because the term “fathers” can go one of two ways in medieval art. (more…)

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