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After today’s news of the unexpected death of Alan Rickman, I think most people are agreed that the start of the year has been horrible in terms of the loss of some of the most talented and beloved actors and singers the world has known. In my previous post, I spoke of two men, David Bowie and Charles Perrault, who have made, and, despite their deaths (recent or long ago), will continue to make, my life, and the lives of so many others, magical. Alan Rickman is another such man, so creative and talented, as an actor and director,on the stage and in the cinema; I cannot deny, even at the risk of trivialising a post which I would like more than anything to be about his creativity and talent, that I have always found him attractive, because of those traits primarily, and because of something in his bearing and expressive face, but most of all because of his voice. I struggle to describe the beauty of his speaking voice without lapsing into horrible flowery language which he doesn’t deserve (and nor do you). (more…)


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