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Andrew Jack’s blue sheep for St Andrew’s Day (Image via BBC)

Happy Saint Andrew’s Day! What are you doing today? Haggis is of course on the menu for tonight’s dinner, but there are other ways to celebrate. You could follow in farmer Andrew Jack’s footsteps by temporarily dying your pets blue. You could dye yourself blue as well, but with that may come unfortunate Mel Gibson associations.

There are various stories as to how St Andrew became Scotland’s patron saint, and how some of his relics came to Scotland. Although most of his remains were taken by his disciple the Emperor Constantine to Constantinople, there is a legend that the Bishop of Patrae, St Rule (also known as St Regulus), was directed in a divine vision to take the relics, and founded a church in Fife, where his ship was wrecked upon the Scottish coast. Unfortunately, these relics were destroyed in the Reformation. Perhaps, if you’ve been organised this year, you may have created your own pilgrimage route to follow the path taken by the Scottish relics, to arrive at the town of St Andrews today. It’s actually an interesting idea; there are relics of St Andrew throughout Europe, including Amalfi in Italy, Patros in Greece, and our own St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Edinburgh. I would add Istanbul, once Constantinople, for historical reasons and in order to see the Hagia Sophia, which I have long wished to visit. Perhaps another year. It’s an interesting idea, and would still incorporate the traditional meal of haggis, neeps, and tatties, at the end of the adventure. Great journeys needs must end with great feasting. It’s one of the rules of questing.

However you spend today, enjoy. Seek out companions, good food, and hearty grog. Happy Saint Andrew’s Day!

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