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Banquo's Ghost, "Macbeth", an entry in the Waterstone's LegoLit competition (Waterstone's blog)

Banquo’s Ghost, “Macbeth”, an entry in the Waterstone’s LegoLit competition (Waterstone’s blog)

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an article on Mental Floss and a Waterstones blogpost on scenes from literature recreated in Lego. I am going to dig my childhood box of Lego out of the attic, to have a shot at recreating some of my favourite scenes, and have also started buying the Lego Minifigures to build up a collection of characters; I’m slightly perplexed as to how I can fit a happy little pizza delivery man into, for example, a scene from Wuthering Heights, but that’s a discussion for another blogpost. Last night, I started looking at the Lego website, to see how much the Lego Castle series buildings would cost – it’s pretty much inevitable, given my interests, that I would start out making the more fantasy, gothic and medieval(ist) scenes. (more…)


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Edinburgh Castle (Image via Historic Scotland)

It’s Dad’s birthday today, and in his honour we’ve spent the day in his old university stomping ground of Edinburgh, mostly in the castle grounds (thank you, Historic Scotland membership). Also in his honour, Medieval Monday gets a bonus post in the form of a gallery of Dads in Medieval Art. This has proven slightly more challenging than searching for portraits of mothers in Victorian art because the term “fathers” can go one of two ways in medieval art. (more…)

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Roman de la Rose

The garden in the Roman de la Rose of Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun is one of my favourite such spaces in all of medieval literature. The text to your left (in Old French, should you be that way inclined) gives a rich description of said garden, filled with apple trees, almond trees, fountains, flowers of all colours and perfumes. It’s a place where the normal rules don’t apply. Anything can happen in such a garden. (more…)

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