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I really should have written this yesterday, but Comic Con and family time took precedence, as they should. WordPress wished me Happy Anniversary, with a notification that my blog is now 5 years old. How did that happen?!? I started writing as part of my preparations for my first visit to Canada, with this post. I couldn’t have foreseen at that point how much Canada would come to mean to me, or how I would make some very good friends through my subsequent visits. The blog’s name, The Victorian Librarian, has become my preferred pseudonym, if not my alter ego (which still needs some fleshing out). I even have my own crest now (below), featuring two of my favourite flowers, the iris and the bluebell, in addition to my absolute favourite thing, a book.


The Victorian Librarian crest, designed by Lora Jones 

How should I celebrate my 5th anniversary? I think that the best thing to do would be to write more regularly here, to stop neglecting my blog. Working full time for the first time in four years, in addition to other real life commitments, has taken priority, as it must, but I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing. Will this be the year I sign up to NaNoWriMo just to keep me writing? (more…)


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Oak King and Holly King, by Val Trullinger

Today is the Winter Solstice; today is the shortest day of the year. The light now slowly begins to return, to brighten up the dark.  It is a moment of celebration. Every year as long as I can remember, the gathering of people at Stonehenge to welcome the sun rising has been on the news. I’ve been doing a bit more reading into the nature of the solstice, and have been particularly fascinated by the day’s liminality. It’s the border between dark and light, between cold and heat. (more…)

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