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….. ok, not really, but I wonder how that would go. A story for another time!

Today is doubly important to me, it being the feast of Scotland’s national saint, St Andrew, and the birthday of L. M. Montgomery, author of the Anne Shirley and Emily Byrd Starr series of books.  (more…)


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I flew to Toronto on 18 September, and spent just over two weeks in Canada, splitting my time between Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward County, and dear old Toronto. It was a much-needed, most enjoyable holiday, which sadly ended on Monday of this week. As I went back to work the day after I returned home, and as my sleep patterns remain decidedly bizarre, I have had little time to write anything here. Until I have such time, then, to write and to sort out my many, many photos (for me at least; a paltry number compared to those taken by one of my hosts), here are some of the things that I learned: (more…)

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Trinity College, Downtown Toronto (St George) campus, Toronto University.  My photo, 19 September 2014.

Trinity College, Downtown Toronto (St George) campus, Toronto University. My photo, 19 September 2014.

Canada plays quite a part in this blog; Canada is one of the reasons for this blog’s very existence! So it is with great delight that I realised today that it is five months until my next visit. My first trip was entirely for the purpose of library research and presenting a paper at the Ninth International Conference of the Book, with the exception of a full day at Niagara Falls, but I knew that I wanted to return to see more of Toronto, and of the whole country. (more…)

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Alas, dear readers, I had to leave Paris after a delightful week of boats up and down the Seine, stunning gardens, sumptuous buildings and beaucoup de soleil. Life must continue, and there is much to be done, within and outwith blogging.

In the meantime, please enjoy this account of a friend’s pilgrimage to the Land of L. M. Montgomery. Once I get back to full strength, I would like to see more of the world and a return to Canada, to see it in more detail and in a more relaxed fashion is very near the top of the list. Anabel may well have convinced me to start on Prince Edward Island.

The Glasgow Gallivanter

I couldn’t come to Nova Scotia and not detour onto Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province and the location for LM Montgomery’s books. I read Anne of Green Gables and all the sequels as a child and have reread the first book several times since, most recently a few years ago when a prequel (Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson) came out. I was pleasantly surprised at how close to the spirit of Anne that book was, and had to read the original again to check if Wilson had got her facts right. She had. It all dovetailed perfectly, and the story ended with Anne sitting on a station platform waiting to be collected – just where the “real” story begins.

Lucy Maud Montgomery (Maud) was born on PEI, and moved to live with her grandparents in Cavendish (Avonlea in the books) before she was 2. Her mother had…

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