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Roman de la Rose

The garden in the Roman de la Rose of Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun is one of my favourite such spaces in all of medieval literature. The text to your left (in Old French, should you be that way inclined) gives a rich description of said garden, filled with apple trees, almond trees, fountains, flowers of all colours and perfumes. It’s a place where the normal rules don’t apply. Anything can happen in such a garden. (more…)


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Since moving to London, I’ve got into the habit of scampering off to the British Library of an evening after work, to get a couple of hours studying in. It’s a good way to balance research fun with a full-time job.

But for the past week or two, the Reading Room has got colder and colder, no matter where I’ve been sitting. Tonight I was shivering so much that my notes were full of typos, grr, and I couldn’t concentrate. Pages were freezing mid-turn like waves, and the words were turning blue. I gave up, had a word with the lovely Reading Room staff about the problem, then headed home for a warm dinner and some unexpected champagne (the latter courtesy of Flatmate).

Anyway, I will be back at the Library on Wednesday, to get back to a rather fantastic chapter about the medieval hortus conclusus. Now … where are my favourite chainmail-pattern fingerless gloves (for easy typing!) and my big Dr Who scarf?

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