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things-bump-theme-squareEvery month, the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club have an official theme; what else could it be in October but Halloween, and all things spooky, under the heading “Things That Go Bump? With each theme comes a dedicated blog post, handily known as “Inside the Theme”. Each post contains a series of questions to get you thinking about the theme. You can answer these – or not – how you choose, in the forums, or in a blogpost, as I am doing now. (more…)


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I have been horribly behind on my Iggle activities in recent months, but logged in yesterday upon returning from Resonate. The July theme has been heroes and villains, and the playlist seemed like an interesting idea. As today is the last day of July, without further ado, here be my music of choice. (more…)

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Regular readers will be familiar with Cherbourg, my regular travelling companion. I bought him in Prestwick Airport en route to Paris a few years ago, and he now goes everywhere with me, often in my daily life as well as when I am on holiday. If you don’t know him, here he be:


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drowning in a sea of books

Drowning in a sea of books. Artist unknown at this time. Source: Reflections on Life blog (click image for link)

Following some discussions with a friend (pseudonym still to be decided) over the weekend about reading challenges (specifically the self-guided Goodreads Challenge, where you set your own target), I decided that I need to get back to fulfilling the Discworld Challenge that I set myself on this blog last year. I only managed to finish the first book and start the second before life got seriously in the way. So it goes; additionally, I was trying to take notes on the books as I read, to make my reviews a bit more interesting and focused, and I didn’t always have the time, or space (as I do a lot of my reading in transit), to write as I read. This year, I’m going to just read each book through for pure enjoyment, before rereading it while making notes, and I’ll see how that approach works out. (more…)

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iggppc_250 In March of this year, I finally signed up for a pen pal of suitably geeky proportions, with the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club. I had heard lots about it from friends, and increasingly often saw it mentioned on social media. In so many ways, the mothership was calling me home; writing and receiving letters in the post in addition to lots of geeky chat? How could I possibly refuse? Sitting at home with a broken arm finally gave me the time to sign up, and sign up I did! Cue the following rainbow in a confirmation email:
IGGPPCSuccess (more…)

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