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"Strawberry Thief", 1883, designed by William Morris (1834-1896), made by Morris & Co. (Victoria & Albert Museum)

“Strawberry Thief”, 1883, designed by William Morris (1834-1896), made by Morris & Co. (Victoria & Albert Museum)


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What means VIB, I hear you ask? I got a lovely, and most unexpected, tweet two days ago from Kat at I Saw You Dancing (the brains behind December’s #reverb12). She nominated me as a Very Inspirational Blogger! I blush. I stutter. I beam. (more…)

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Christmas stockings - 'The Night Before Christmas'

Christmas stockings – ‘The Night Before Christmas’

For a change of pace, I’m going to look at tangible presents from this year and for the year to come, in response to today’s yesterday’s prompt. Christmas is a time of giving presents to those you love (yes, ‘duh’, and yes, ‘inexcusably cheesy’), and it’s always nice to show as much appreciation as possible for those presents that you receive. Besides, if you accept Bernie Herman’s definition of material culture as “the histories and philosophy of objects – all of them, tangible and imagined”, then don’t the gifts we receive and the gifts we would like to receive say a lot about who we are? As an example, here is a list of three gifts, in no particular order, that I would like to receive in 2013, or at some point in my life: (more…)

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What was your most significant expenditure in 2012?

It doesn’t have to be necessarily the biggest expenditure, just the one with the most impact.

What difference has it made to your life?

The #Reverb12 Day 2 question was, fortunately, ridiculously easy to answer: my flat. It’s more several expenses grouped under that single heading; the new flat has improved the quality of my life considerably since we moved in. When I see the red colour of the inside of our flat door closed behind me, I always start to relax. Everything that we have bought and have yet to buy to furnish it and make it comfortable are part of the greater significante expense that goes into making a home. We’ve just decorated the Christmas tree, and while I need to buy more decorations for it and need to make some tweaks (I am deeply suspicious of minimalism), it makes our living room eminently more comfortable and luxurious. Fairy lights and candles make everything better; always have done, always will. (more…)

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