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VLlogo When my online persona of the Victorian Librarian, created while I was researching the Pre-Raphaelites’ use of libraries, began to assume a life of her own in the real world, it seemed time to create a logo to use on my forthcoming website, in letterheads, as a watermark (as will appear on all pages of my Chartership portfolio, which is almost complete), and on business cards (to be printed once the website is operational).

I have some very talented friends, and it was to one of these I turned to design my logo – Lora Jones. The image that you see above is the wonderful fruit of her labours. While the “VL” monogram on the open vellum pages of a book should be clear enough, the choice of floral iconography are almost certainly less so. Thus today’s Medieval Monday begins my more in-depth study of the medieval meanings and uses of the iris and the bluebell, two of my favourite flowers. (more…)


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A portable shrine in the form of a tabernacle – a painted wooden box, (alabaster, polychrome, gilt, wire, Nottingham, 15th Century – Burrell Collection, Glasgow Museums, accession number 1.34)

I came up with the idea of building my own virtual museum two weeks ago today. The actual museum opening has had to wait until today because I was mightily conferencing last week. You can find out more about my intentions behind and aims for the Mid-Week Museum from its inaugural post. (more…)

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