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things-bump-theme-squareEvery month, the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club have an official theme; what else could it be in October but Halloween, and all things spooky, under the heading “Things That Go Bump? With each theme comes a dedicated blog post, handily known as “Inside the Theme”. Each post contains a series of questions to get you thinking about the theme. You can answer these – or not – how you choose, in the forums, or in a blogpost, as I am doing now. (more…)


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Which door do I open next? (image from Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland)

When I realised that I would not be able to complete 23 Things for Professional Development by the original deadline in October, I decided that I would take some of the pressure off myself, by resolving to finish all 23 things by the end of 2012. Because I go away for a few days tomorrow, I want to write my last CPD23 post this evening to keep my resolution. I would like to thank the Evil Geniuses behind CPD23; I hope that they realise what a great thing they do for the rest of us. (more…)

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I’ve got four papers of various kinds to write and submit between now and Christmas, all going well; each paper is related to my Canada trip in one way or another. So my immediate focus is on creating a comfortable space in which to do said writing; if I’m going to be spending so much time in my room, I need it to be both comfortable and beautiful, following – more or less – the credo of one William Morris. I’m in the middle of clearing out a corner of my room ahead of my new desk being delivered one week today. The wonderful Lora Jones, of the burgeoning Lora Jones Furniture empire, has refurbished and painted a bureau for me. I’ve not seen any photos of the finished article, but I have such faith in Lora’s taste that I can only be excited about having such a beautiful piece of furniture at which to work. I’m gradually developing the room of my own as recommended by one Mrs Woolf as essential to any woman who would like to be a writer (her financial advice will be taken into consideration another time). (more…)

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