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Today has, happily, been a much more relaxed day than the last few. It has been mostly loud and chaotic, but happy.  The centrepiece of the day was our meal (thanks to the chef and to the hosts, again, if they read this post).  To keep in today’s spirit of relaxation and not sitting silently behind individual screens, this post is brief and mostly comprised of photos of today’s Christmas feast.


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From the moment I got up yesterday, I was busy, busy, busy, and there wasn’t a moment to even think about blogging until the early hours of Christmas Day, at which point: hello, my bed, o how I love you. Cook the turkey, Cinderelly; make the stuffing, Cinderelly; wrap the presents, Cinderelly; finish the Christmas trees, Cinderelly! (just kidding; it’s manic, but enjoyable). (more…)

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What was your most significant expenditure in 2012?

It doesn’t have to be necessarily the biggest expenditure, just the one with the most impact.

What difference has it made to your life?

The #Reverb12 Day 2 question was, fortunately, ridiculously easy to answer: my flat. It’s more several expenses grouped under that single heading; the new flat has improved the quality of my life considerably since we moved in. When I see the red colour of the inside of our flat door closed behind me, I always start to relax. Everything that we have bought and have yet to buy to furnish it and make it comfortable are part of the greater significante expense that goes into making a home. We’ve just decorated the Christmas tree, and while I need to buy more decorations for it and need to make some tweaks (I am deeply suspicious of minimalism), it makes our living room eminently more comfortable and luxurious. Fairy lights and candles make everything better; always have done, always will. (more…)

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Although I have met my Blogtoberfest 2012 commitment successfully as far as posting every day goes – despite not joining up until a few days into October, once the Mindful Mum brought it to my attention and suggested I take it on – I have not really followed the daily themes and tended to write about whatever takes my fancy, or to catch up on my blogging commitments vis-a-vis 23 Things for Continuing Professional Development. I am still behind in completing CPD23, but Blogtoberfest has brought me nearer to the end. (more…)

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