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the-art-of-rebellionBlogtober hasn’t quite worked out for me this year. Real life would not have it so, and so that commitment, made to myself, must be put off until another time. Maybe I’ll take part in Blogtober in March. Nobody will see that coming. Happily, I am not so busy that I cannot honour blogging commitments of a smaller nature. Today’s post is a book review for France Book Tours. It’s nice to do a little writing here and there. O dear; “nice” is such an offensively bland word for what I’m trying to say here. Clearly, I need to consider a post on the art of writing at some point, but today is all about the art of rebellion. As a secondary school librarian, I have become accustomed to the daily tempests of the adolescent life, so Gabbi seemed a rather familiar character, albeit with very different concerns.

I have tried not to put too many spoilers into my review, but it does include discussion of plot points, particularly as regards the story’s ending, so you may wish to skim past it to the giveaway (if you’re in Canada). The review also discusses an attempted rape which takes place in the story. (more…)


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