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"Girl Reading", by Katie Ward. Virago paperback cover (from Katie Ward's website)

“Girl Reading”, by Katie Ward. Virago paperback cover (from Katie Ward’s website)

This is Katie Ward’s first novel, and a wonderfully intricate work which would be impressive were it her third, or fourth, or whateverth work. It doesn’t come across as a story as much as it does a series of scenes all of are built around variations on a particular image – a girl or a woman reading a book. We move forward through time with each scene, from 1333 to 2060. I can’t properly describe the chapters as individual stories, as there is no real beginning or ending, just some time spent with the characters, frequently stepping in at the start, the middle, or the end of their stories, but never including all three such parts together. The woman reading is the shared experience, as expressed in the opening quote from Jung’s ‘Synchronicity: an acausal connecting principle’ (Collected Works, vol. 8):

You can never say with certainty that what appears to be going on in the collective unconscious of a single individual is not also happening in other individuals or organisms or things or situations.


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Sitting Ducks posterOn Saturday, I visited John Byrne‘s exhibition Sitting Ducks, at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. There were only two days of the exhibition left – sadly, it ended yesterday, else I would have encouraged you readers to get yourselves along to it forthwith. John Byrne has fascinated me since first I saw some of his work at the People’s Palace in Glasgow. What child could fail to love the banana boots designed for Billy Connolly? (more…)

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A portable shrine in the form of a tabernacle – a painted wooden box, (alabaster, polychrome, gilt, wire, Nottingham, 15th Century – Burrell Collection, Glasgow Museums, accession number 1.34)

I came up with the idea of building my own virtual museum two weeks ago today. The actual museum opening has had to wait until today because I was mightily conferencing last week. You can find out more about my intentions behind and aims for the Mid-Week Museum from its inaugural post. (more…)

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Which door do I open next? (image from Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland)

When I realised that I would not be able to complete 23 Things for Professional Development by the original deadline in October, I decided that I would take some of the pressure off myself, by resolving to finish all 23 things by the end of 2012. Because I go away for a few days tomorrow, I want to write my last CPD23 post this evening to keep my resolution. I would like to thank the Evil Geniuses behind CPD23; I hope that they realise what a great thing they do for the rest of us. (more…)

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St Andrew, f.183v from the 'Hours of Francois of Guise'

Happy St Andrew's Day!

My diet at present most definitely erring on the side of “less is more”, this will be the first St. Andrew‘s Day dinner in a long time when I have not had haggis. It only occurred to me this evening, now that the local butcher shops are closed, that I could have attempted it in some kind of soup form, given that’s all I really eat at present, albeit in several wonderful variations. It turns out that there are many recipes for such concoctions, including creations by the likes of Nick Nairn, Waitrose (neither Delia nor Heston are taking responsibility here) and the Whisky Kitchen. I may have to see if I can find a MacSween haggis tomorrow and try out one of these.

Which would you choose?

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