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Last weekend, I finally sat down to watch Netflix’s new series Anne With an E, heading off to bed after two episodes (which isn’t a comment on the series, but was down to the lateness of the hour). I’ve loved the Anne of Green Gables books since forever, as discussed many times on this blog, and approached this latest adaptation with some hesitation – I’ve avoided reading any spoilers, but haven’t been able to avoid completely the criticisms levelled at this version – that it’s too bleak and grim, which seems completely at odds with the nature of Anne as a person, and with her life in Avonlea. I’ve never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, but the Anne show creator Moira Walley-Beckett was one of its’ writers, and that fact has come up again and again as informing her work. In an interview with the New York Times, Walley-Beckett mentions  that “I am drawn to the psychology of wounded people.” L. M. Montgomery’s original book does make subtle mention of Anne’s difficult life before coming to Green Gables, so the characterisation of Anne as wounded is being true to the source material. But how far would such an interpretation be taken? I was both intrigued and concerned. (more…)


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