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Last weekend, I finally sat down to watch Netflix’s new series Anne With an E, heading off to bed after two episodes (which isn’t a comment on the series, but was down to the lateness of the hour). I’ve loved the Anne of Green Gables books since forever, as discussed many times on this blog, and approached this latest adaptation with some hesitation – I’ve avoided reading any spoilers, but haven’t been able to avoid completely the criticisms levelled at this version – that it’s too bleak and grim, which seems completely at odds with the nature of Anne as a person, and with her life in Avonlea. I’ve never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, but the Anne show creator Moira Walley-Beckett was one of its’ writers, and that fact has come up again and again as informing her work. In an interview with the New York Times, Walley-Beckett mentions  that “I am drawn to the psychology of wounded people.” L. M. Montgomery’s original book does make subtle mention of Anne’s difficult life before coming to Green Gables, so the characterisation of Anne as wounded is being true to the source material. But how far would such an interpretation be taken? I was both intrigued and concerned. (more…)


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It’s been a very long while! Happy New Year, to any readers who remain! I felt that if I didn’t start writing something, anything, again, here on the blog, I would very likely have given up on it, and on myself as a writer of anything.  (more…)

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the-art-of-rebellionBlogtober hasn’t quite worked out for me this year. Real life would not have it so, and so that commitment, made to myself, must be put off until another time. Maybe I’ll take part in Blogtober in March. Nobody will see that coming. Happily, I am not so busy that I cannot honour blogging commitments of a smaller nature. Today’s post is a book review for France Book Tours. It’s nice to do a little writing here and there. O dear; “nice” is such an offensively bland word for what I’m trying to say here. Clearly, I need to consider a post on the art of writing at some point, but today is all about the art of rebellion. As a secondary school librarian, I have become accustomed to the daily tempests of the adolescent life, so Gabbi seemed a rather familiar character, albeit with very different concerns.

I have tried not to put too many spoilers into my review, but it does include discussion of plot points, particularly as regards the story’s ending, so you may wish to skim past it to the giveaway (if you’re in Canada). The review also discusses an attempted rape which takes place in the story. (more…)

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It’s National Poetry Day on Thursday! And so I have two school libraries to festoon with verse over the next three days, and two poetry competitions to organise. (more…)

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I really should have written this yesterday, but Comic Con and family time took precedence, as they should. WordPress wished me Happy Anniversary, with a notification that my blog is now 5 years old. How did that happen?!? I started writing as part of my preparations for my first visit to Canada, with this post. I couldn’t have foreseen at that point how much Canada would come to mean to me, or how I would make some very good friends through my subsequent visits. The blog’s name, The Victorian Librarian, has become my preferred pseudonym, if not my alter ego (which still needs some fleshing out). I even have my own crest now (below), featuring two of my favourite flowers, the iris and the bluebell, in addition to my absolute favourite thing, a book.


The Victorian Librarian crest, designed by Lora Jones 

How should I celebrate my 5th anniversary? I think that the best thing to do would be to write more regularly here, to stop neglecting my blog. Working full time for the first time in four years, in addition to other real life commitments, has taken priority, as it must, but I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing. Will this be the year I sign up to NaNoWriMo just to keep me writing? (more…)

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Regular readers will be familiar with Cherbourg, my regular travelling companion. I bought him in Prestwick Airport en route to Paris a few years ago, and he now goes everywhere with me, often in my daily life as well as when I am on holiday. If you don’t know him, here he be:


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I had a wonderful ten days in Toronto – much too little time! – and only arrived back this morning after a long overnight flight. Thus this post is brought to you by jetlag and a need to combat same by staying up till 8pm, all going well. I am nonetheless well aware that a detailed blog post, with the requirement of many coherent sentences flowing one from another, is beyond my capabilities today. You must content yourself with a list of some of my favourite moments; I’m certain to miss some out.  (more…)

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