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It’s been a very long while! Happy New Year, to any readers who remain! I felt that if I didn’t start writing something, anything, again, here on the blog, I would very likely have given up on it, and on myself as a writer of anything.  (more…)


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I really should have written this yesterday, but Comic Con and family time took precedence, as they should. WordPress wished me Happy Anniversary, with a notification that my blog is now 5 years old. How did that happen?!? I started writing as part of my preparations for my first visit to Canada, with this post. I couldn’t have foreseen at that point how much Canada would come to mean to me, or how I would make some very good friends through my subsequent visits. The blog’s name, The Victorian Librarian, has become my preferred pseudonym, if not my alter ego (which still needs some fleshing out). I even have my own crest now (below), featuring two of my favourite flowers, the iris and the bluebell, in addition to my absolute favourite thing, a book.


The Victorian Librarian crest, designed by Lora Jones 

How should I celebrate my 5th anniversary? I think that the best thing to do would be to write more regularly here, to stop neglecting my blog. Working full time for the first time in four years, in addition to other real life commitments, has taken priority, as it must, but I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing. Will this be the year I sign up to NaNoWriMo just to keep me writing? (more…)

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Regular readers will be familiar with Cherbourg, my regular travelling companion. I bought him in Prestwick Airport en route to Paris a few years ago, and he now goes everywhere with me, often in my daily life as well as when I am on holiday. If you don’t know him, here he be:


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Yesterday, it had been 400 years since Shakespeare died. Today, it has been 74 years ago since Lucy Maud Montgomery died. I can’t believe that she died so comparatively recently! I’ve spoken about her a lot on this blog, and last year made a lifelong dream come true by visiting Green Gables and L. M. Montgomery’s own world on Prince Edward Island in Canada.  I really haven’t written as much about that as I ought to have done, but in this post I mention said visit to Green Gables.  I also grin as calmly as possible, so as not to scare the helpful friendly tourist taking my picture (see below). It really was a wonderful day. (more…)

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I spent last week in five different libraries in the Glasgow area, in my new job as a school librarian. Over the Christmas holidays, I applied for a secondment to Glasgow Libraries’ School Libraries Outreach department. Readers mine, I was successful! Exactly one week ago today, I began work at my beloved Mitchell Library, a place I have known and loved since my grandparents first took me to visit it. (more…)

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I should open this blog entry with a confession; other than seeing the Enchanted Dreams: the Pre-Raphaelite Art of E. R. Hughes exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, I had no high expectations of Birmingham as a place to visit. I stand most definitely corrected. (more…)

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One of my favourite books (source: Goodreads)

The best thing about turning 12, as I recall, was that I finally got access to all the books in my local public library. One of the books I remember most is The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales, edited and compiled by Chris Black, published in 1992, when I was 15/16. When I think about reading it, I remember that I was in the top bunk bed, which doesn’t sound quite right, either in terms of the perfect location for reading  Gothic literature, or in reality, as I’m not sure we still had those beds then. But I recall that the bunk beds were in the attic, which is eminently suitable for the reading of Gothic fiction. The memory plays strange tricks, and for me, that means Gothic fiction being somehow tied up with childhood, or at least with teenage-hood. (more…)

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