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For today’s feast, I had a distinctly floral theme in mind. Somewhere, there is a book which describes a meal with food and drink made all of flowers. But I cannot remember what it is, and have given up on identifying it for now, on the basis that there may not otherwise be a post. But if any of you have suggestions, please write in.

I have therefore turned to another of my childhood favourite books, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess (1905). Sara Crewe, a princess in her heart and mind if not in reality, is our hero, and her imagination is the key to her survival in dark times. Today’s feast takes place on one of the worst days in the story, and for a while renews her, before leading to greater despair. But there is always the Magic to make things right. I apologise for the length of this excerpt, but it’s the full story of the feast, and proof that good food by itself is not always enough to make a real banquet.

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