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I felt as though I was being watched, and when I turned, I saw her....

I felt as though I was being watched, and when I turned, I saw her….


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This week, I’ve done some real planning for next month’s trip to Canada, specifically for Toronto, where I will spend the greatest part of my time. I’ll be spending said greatest part of my time with two friends I made last year, and it will be interesting to see how their Toronto compares to my Toronto, discovered on my previous two visits last year and in 2011. During my planning, I finally located my photos from last year’s trip, a great relief as I had thought them lost. They have helped me remember where I went, where I still want to go, and have jogged my memory about some of the places to which I would like to return. Here are some of those photos, unedited and unpolished (a skill still to learn), but with many words to accompany and explain them (verbosity being a skill/curse which is definitely not lacking). (more…)

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iggppc_250 In March of this year, I finally signed up for a pen pal of suitably geeky proportions, with the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club. I had heard lots about it from friends, and increasingly often saw it mentioned on social media. In so many ways, the mothership was calling me home; writing and receiving letters in the post in addition to lots of geeky chat? How could I possibly refuse? Sitting at home with a broken arm finally gave me the time to sign up, and sign up I did! Cue the following rainbow in a confirmation email:
IGGPPCSuccess (more…)

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