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“The Colour of Magic” by Terry Pratchett (Published June 21st 2012 by Corgi (first published 1983)). Image via Goodreads.

Before I begin the review proper, some advice to fellow reviewers, but also to myself: write the review as soon as possible after finishing the book (also, don’t break your arm; that’s generally sound advice, but it has really set me back with various projects). Otherwise, you have to read the book again; admittedly, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as it definitely wasn’t in the case of Terry Pratchett’s first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic (first published in 1983). As I discussed here, my first reading project (possibly my only reading project, depending on book availability) of the year is to read the full Discworld series, in publication order, borrowing all the books from public libraries. My progress will be recorded on this page, which irritatingly is not behaving quite as I would have it, so bear with any weirdness. Blame it on magic leaking out.

On my second reading (as part of this project) of The Colour of Magic, I read the book more slowly, and even took notes – which awoke one of the beasts in my head to whisper “Research project?” all too enticingly, but for now I’m managing to keep said beast dormant. But this gave me the opportunity to really luxuriate in Pratchett’s language – it’s so rich and witty – and to see the jokes I missed before. This is one of the joys of this book; it’s great as a quick, entertaining read, and also incredibly rewarding if you read it more slowly, contemplatively. So this post will definitely be full of spoilers, if you’ve not yet read the book. If such is the case, I’ll say goodbye to you here, but you should read The Colour of Magic as soon as you can; it really is a great introduction to a marvellous world. (more…)

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