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The Abbey in the Oakwood, Caspar David Friedrich, 1809 (

The Abbey in the Oakwood, Caspar David Friedrich, 1809

Today’s image of light is in honour of the British Library exhibition Terror and Wonder: the Gothic Imagination. I went round it this afternoon, and it is really excellent. I will write on this in greater detail once my trip to London is past. In the meantime, today’s – and tomorrow’s – Gothic theme was a perfect excuse to post one of my favourite paintings by Caspar David Friedrich. It contains three key Gothic elements – the supernatural glow of the light, the ruined church or abbey, and the wilderness or forest.

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For the past month or so, I have been receiving emails from Goodreads, asking me to choose my best books of 2014. I never did go to their website to make my choices, as I simply haven’t been reading enough new books thus year. The results of the votes cast by those who did take part are now in, so I have some ready-made reading lists available!


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