I seem to have started every blog post in recent years – yes, years; that’s how bad it has been! – with an apology for not having written in so long. Despite all my good intentions, I have not been able to turn things around to start writing more regularly. Life and work are equally busy, and there was no sign that was going to change, until … Continue Reading »


Last weekend, I finally sat down to watch Netflix’s new series Anne With an E, heading off to bed after two episodes (which isn’t a comment on the series, but was down to the lateness of the hour). I’ve loved the Anne of Green Gables books since forever, as discussed many times on this blog, and approached this latest adaptation with some hesitation – I’ve avoided reading any spoilers, but haven’t been able to avoid completely the criticisms levelled at this version – that it’s too bleak and grim, which seems completely at odds with the nature of Anne as a person, and with her life in Avonlea. I’ve never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, but the Anne show creator Moira Walley-Beckett was one of its’ writers, and that fact has come up again and again as informing her work. In an interview with the New York Times, Walley-Beckett mentions  that “I am drawn to the psychology of wounded people.” L. M. Montgomery’s original book does make subtle mention of Anne’s difficult life before coming to Green Gables, so the characterisation of Anne as wounded is being true to the source material. But how far would such an interpretation be taken? I was both intrigued and concerned. Continue Reading »

As almost everybody I know is currently saying, how can it be 20 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired? It’s been such an important part of life, and I can still remember the first time I saw it, completely by accident. I was at university, with less than regular access to a television, so had somehow managed to miss the first series. One day at the family seat, I was channel hopping, and stopped at the sound of Cibo Matto. Hello, ‘When She Was Bad‘, where have you been all my life? Note: before you proceed, if you’ve never watched the show, there will be spoilers in this post. Continue Reading »


It’s been a very long while! Happy New Year, to any readers who remain! I felt that if I didn’t start writing something, anything, again, here on the blog, I would very likely have given up on it, and on myself as a writer of anything.  Continue Reading »

the-art-of-rebellionBlogtober hasn’t quite worked out for me this year. Real life would not have it so, and so that commitment, made to myself, must be put off until another time. Maybe I’ll take part in Blogtober in March. Nobody will see that coming. Happily, I am not so busy that I cannot honour blogging commitments of a smaller nature. Today’s post is a book review for France Book Tours. It’s nice to do a little writing here and there. O dear; “nice” is such an offensively bland word for what I’m trying to say here. Clearly, I need to consider a post on the art of writing at some point, but today is all about the art of rebellion. As a secondary school librarian, I have become accustomed to the daily tempests of the adolescent life, so Gabbi seemed a rather familiar character, albeit with very different concerns.

I have tried not to put too many spoilers into my review, but it does include discussion of plot points, particularly as regards the story’s ending, so you may wish to skim past it to the giveaway (if you’re in Canada). The review also discusses an attempted rape which takes place in the story. Continue Reading »

It’s been a long day – a good day, but long. I am tired and lacking inspiration. When words fail, why not turn to pictures? There have been some striking sunsets in the first few days of the month, and below is the photo I took on 1 October:


The first October sunset of 2016 (my photo)

Next weekend, through the auspices of the Glasgow/Edinburgh chapter of the Geek Girl Brunch, I will be – finally – learning to play the game Dungeons and Dragons. It is a game which fits entirely with my interests, yet I have not played it until now. When I was 16, my best friend, Nosferatu by nickname (in line with my thoughts on public nomenclature) and I made an attempt to take our first steps on the path to role-playing games. But that day we ended up, instead, for various reasons, falling for the film The Hitcher (1986), an equally valuable part of my youth.  Continue Reading »